Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Monday after a Vacation

Rough I tell you rough!

Sunday Henry got turned out...

Monday... hacked tonight. But let me back up- Henry had a chiropractor appointment today. I called the Dr and he was in my area so he came out today. He gave me lots of kudos for how good H looked... said he was muscled really well and chiropractically he didn't need a lot of work. Our goal now is to soften him up... Henry is heavy heavy heavy! Especially to the left and he was able to work out a nice loud POP in his left shoulder/neck.

On to the hack...

Kat and I rode together which was nice to have a buddy.

Since Henry had the chiropractor out earlier, I didn't want to be to hard on him but also wanted to make sure we got a good solid workout. I started out just trotting around- he was looking at everything and the 25 million pigeons that were all fighting for a spot on the railing in the roof were not helping our cause. 

Anywho we moved onto some haunches in down the long side and then a normal bed through the corners and on the short side. Then did shoulder in... did this both directions.

Walked some then cantered. Did a bunch of collected canter and then went to long low relaxed canter... I wanted him to really stretch out and relax. I don't know if it's just in my head but I felt like his canter felt better :)

Sporting his new blanket :)

Hack tonight, GM clinic tomorrow to audit, lesson Thursday, trainer ride (maybe) Friday and lesson Saturday.


  1. What a shiny boy!! Love the pics.

  2. He looks handsome in his new blanket! The one fun thing about Winter: shopping for horse clothes!

  3. Hes such a gorgeous horse! Makeme want to get chiro done!

    1. I know I was saying I wish someone would fuss over me as much as I fuss over him!! LOL


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