Monday, November 26, 2012


N O  T H A N K  Y O U!


  1. Haha I saw that last week and thought HECK NO! I would have bailed for sure...

  2. I saw that this morning! OMG, talk about your sticky britches! Excellent rider.

  3. Notice that they took the jumps down for the second round... that was some nice riding. :)

  4. How did he stay on?! That is a darn good rider, I would have bailed... and run haha. Notice the people in the background awkwardly laughing because this horse has clearly no thoughts of stopping anytime soon... sheeeesh, not my kinda ride.

  5. Very good rider. Not impressed with the guy on the ground yelling and swinging the whip around though. After that I would've put him on the lunge and had someone lead the horse with a lead rope while the rider sat on him. Very good rider, I just would've done things differently.

    1. yeah agree- not impressed with the guys on the ground! Its was like the horse would relax and start to lower his head and the dude with the whip would step in and cause havoc again.

  6. Saw this earlier in the week! Its like hes strapped in!


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