Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thirsty Thursday?

So quickly.. here is a pic from 11/6/12 that Kat's hubby took. Totally caught me taking a picture of myself in the mirror lol!

So I had a lesson today.. showed up, only one person was there so I thought maybe I wasn't having a lesson. Got Henry, tacked up and headed out the the round pen. Trainer showed up and we were still set for the torture session, I mean lesson :)

Even though I lunged, Henry was H I G H so I was instructed to gallop him around a bit.

Then we got to work.. more counter bending, then straight and counter bending again. Counter bending on a small circle. Pivoting at the walk.

Then onto jumping.

We started with this back and forth back and forth. Worked on straight straight straight- and leads which were awesome today- only ONE time did we miss it in the WHOLE lesson!!

Then we moved onto this. We went at it both ways (yes my trainer switched it when I went the other way). No stopping today but I did have to ride aggressive the first few time. It's funny how on the vertical he was drifting right and on the oxer he was going left... keep him straight Karley!

Anywho it was a good lesson. Hard but I like them like that :)

Trainer ride tomorrow, lesson Saturday and off Sunday.

One of my besties had her baby last night so I am SO excited to go see her tonight in the hospital!


  1. Replies
    1. Oh she is so cute and I held her forever!!!

  2. Sounds like a super lesson, I find it really hard to keep my horses straight coming into jumps especially the scary.

    Congrats to your best friend :)

    1. Inside with the shadows I feel like he is always so left right left right to everything! ugh!

  3. Eek! That oxer is looking a bit big! Go you!

    1. haha once I jump it once and know that he isn't going to stop, I am good- but I have to suck it up and do it!

  4. I'm distracted by how much I love your header photo. So cute!

  5. Love the pic of you taking a pic of yourself!


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