Monday, November 26, 2012

Was there a holiday?!

Why when you have time off does it go by so fast!!!????

Saturday night we went to the reunion.. what a bust! Such a waist of $110 for tickets and $70 for the babysitter! Not to mention the gas we spend driving there and back. So for $55 a tickets you would expect more then 1 drink, chips and salsa, veggies and ranch, bread and cheese and water.

I should have skipped the reunion and used the above $180 to audit both days of the GM clinic this week.

Anywho my best friend from HS and her hubby were there so we had people to hangout with. I just am not into going up to people and giving them a hug and pretending we were friends and I missed them. It was also funny how the girls who were "popular" in HS huddled together the whole night. I am so grateful that I have a life LOL!

Don't get my wrong I liked HS but not the pretending to be friends business :)

Hubby and I

BFF and I.. doesn't she looks awesome 8 month prego?!
Anywho after about 2.5 hours of hanging around the blah reunion, the 4 of us left and went to our fav pizza place and hit another bar getting one last drink before heading home.

Also here is the video from my lesson last week. Thanks Kat and Andy! :)
Enjoy the good, bad and ugly LOL!

Hack tonight, hack Tuesday, off Wednesday cause i am going to audit the GM clinic and cheer on Lyssette and Carlos, Thursday lesson, Friday trainer ride (maybe), Saturday lesson.


  1. Looking good you two! Henry seems quite athletic. I love the funny jump midway through.

    Out of curiosity why do you braid his tail?

    1. Thanks! Yeah there are some rough jumps in there lol!!

      I braided his tail cause they put this tree crap (they are calling it wood chips but it do isn't) in the paddocks and it gets ALL IN his tail and is a PAIN to pick out lol :)

  2. I feel that with Facebook I wouldn't need a reunion LOL. I can see that a lot of the people I graduated with are still the same, but with spouses and kids. So many of them are still in the same area, and still hanging out together. I was voted most likely to leave in my graduating class, and I did. I left Canada, and have been in the States for 12 years now.
    and I know how you feel with the hugs and fake friends...When I did make it home there was a lot of that. I would stand there thinking "you HATED me in high school...why are you so nice now?"

    1. EXACTLY! I felt like I already knew what people were doing and where they were in life!

      I don't feel the need to fake it and pretend we were friends :)


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