Friday, November 2, 2012

Trainer Ride + Thinline

The trainer ride was quick today... my trainer had to get to something so they hacked Henry, popped him over a few jumps and calling it good.

Juliana and I talked for a bit after as she got her horse ready .. I headed out and blanketed tonight.

Lesson tomorrow with a longer post and pictures, I promise! :)

Does anyone have any experience with Thinline pads? I am thinking about getting this pad but am not sure... help :)


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  2. I have the thinline trifecta. I got it because I liked that it could be shimmed if the horse's back shape changed. It adds a different feel to the ride, if you have ever ridden in a saddle with CAIR its like that only minus the extra little bit of bounce. It has helped my knee and ankle pain a lot as well.

  3. That thinline pad is very popular. My friend uses the same one under her dressage saddle and loves it. Did you check out the contour version? I clicked the link in your post and the description suggests the contour if you "jump big fences". I am pretty sure that applies to you and Henry!

  4. I used to have that exact pad, and have no idea where it wandered off to. I honestly didn't notice a difference when I wore it compared to when I didn't, but that might have been because my old horse was very bouncy, so no little pad would help that. I was looking into the Trifecta pad with rolls, but after reading the reviews that the medium, the smallest size it comes it, can fit 18" saddles, I figured it would look ridiculous under my tiny saddle...

    I'm still on the hunt for the perfect halfpad!

  5. I have the trifecta pad and the sheepskin comfort pad. I love both! I like the ones that you can shim, since I had to when I first got Phoenix. His right side was so dropped that no saddle fit unless I built up with a pad.

  6. thanks everyone for the info.. I was hoping to keep the bill under $100.

    Shelley did you like the pad (before it grew legs and walked off lol)?

  7. The BoT pad I use has the ThinLine built in (Contender II). I like it! It add a nice little layer of squishiness without being springy or feeling like there's a lot between the saddle and horse.

    1. ok cool.. yeah I don't need springy. lol


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