Thursday, December 20, 2012

He is an ASS ...

(Wednesday) Uh oh Henry... not the text I wanted to get about you.

He stopped with the WS who was riding him and she came off... must have been extra dirty cause she is a better rider then me (though I was proud of myself for not coming off Tuesday- we have come leaps and bounds, well I have...). It was the same jump he stopped with me at (again proud that it wasn't just me he was being dumb with at a little panel oxer thing). Anywho she is ok, was really really really pissed so he got in big trouble. He didn't stop again.

My trainer said that she is going to have J ride him a few more time over the next week since he is home from school.

Grained him last night and told him i loved him even tho he was being bad.

Today J rode again... my trainer said he was better- no stopping. He was supposed to get today off but when you are a bad horse, you need extra under saddle time Sir Henry!

I will blanket and grain tonight.

Tomorrow is our normal scheduled trainer ride and Saturday fun lesson.

Does someone want to clean me tack?! It really needs it!


  1. Naughty boy! Even thought one of my ponies is naughty I always tell him that I love him even when he is bad.

  2. Uh oh, behave Henry! Santa is watching you!

  3. Booo, bad Henry! I dunno, those panels are lame, haha. Pongo stopped at one of them too last weekend.

  4. If I haven't mentioned it before, your header photo is so gorgeous!!!

    It makes me feel better when I read that other's ponies act up for no apparent reason... ;D (and I also have an evening of tack cleaning in my immediate future!)

  5. Uh Oh - Bad Henry, hope he re-finds his good behaviour sharpish!

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  7. Bad Henry. Add him to the naughty list my William is on lol

  8. Oh boy Henry... Its times like this when I wish we could communicate with our horses, to say things like, "If you stop, you get more work!" I feel like it would clear up a lot of confusion lol

  9. Yeah not one of his better moments lol! Thankfully it's past us and he has had some good moments.


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