Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Twas the morning before Christmas

and Karley headed to the barn to ride.

There was no one there but my trainers friend S... she sometimes lessons with us and is a great rider. We both tacked up and rode. We had the WHOLE arena to ourselves and then BAM came the ponies from above. Funny thing is that we were talking about them bombarding our nice hack and laughing at it happening.

3 wild ponies and 1 old quiet one. This poor kid almost got bucked off like 10 times.

Henry took it all in stride and we did our thing- trotting on a lose rein, with contact, canter departures being crisp, counter bend at the canter both ways, shoulder in both ways at the trot... good boy over all for sure.

I lunged him before I got on and he was a WILD stallion- bucking which isn't normal but I am glad he got it out!

Cooled out while chatting with S... untacked, groomed, grained, filled his water, cleaned his stall and gave loves.

Boy does he have a nice view!

He refused to smile for a pictures so I had to settle for this...


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