Monday, April 29, 2013

Come back weekend!

Friday Henry had off and got turned out to bask in the sun :)

I spend a lot of time Fri/Sat/Sun watching the Rolex 3 day on ... totally could never see myself doing cross country but so fun to watch!

Saturday I got up a bit early to watch the above while B slept in. Once she woke up we headed to the barn to watch Henry's trainer ride.

They worked on a loan vertical and turning over it - riding it on a circle.

He was a good boy!

Sunday was a day off for Henry as B and I went to visit the hubby. Two more weeks and this school/training is over and he will be back home woo hoo!

Since I loved the way that my hot pink polo fit I bought two more at the AE outlet this weekend, navy and blue/white stripes.

Hack tonight, lesson tomorrow, off Wednesday, lesson Thursday, idk Friday and lesson for me Saturday.

Most important!!! Go check out Hillary's contest! Yeah for winning things!!! And she has a GREAT blog ;)


  1. Love the shirts! I was glued to my computer monitor all day Friday - watching Dressage. I was so bummed that Allie Knowles did not make it thru x-country!

  2. May is around the corner, and you are brave to wear Horizontal Stripes, I got rid of every horizontal stripe shirt I have because I cannot stand the way I look in them!

    1. haha yeah i don't really care about how i look as long as it's cleaner then I have been lol :)

  3. Awesome that your DH will be back in town in no time :)

  4. Cute shirts! You like the way they fit? I'll have to put AE on my list for polos.

    1. yeah I like the way the fit a lot! :)


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