Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yep I would like to have all my rides like this!

Thursday and Friday's lessons were very similar ... just Friday I rode better then Thursday :) Both were great lessons, hard work but I felt SO good after them.

Started out with a high high horse on Thursday so Friday I made sure to really really really tire him out.

So both lessons went a little something like this...

Hacking around, working through the issues of the horse eating benches and plastic chairs... then onto some lead changes... then jumping-

1. an X
2. Vertical
3. Oxer
4. Wall
5. Wall (kinda)
6. Box

Started going back and forth over 1 to warm up. Stopping not far after the jump and also getting the change and going through the corners... keeping Henry on his toes!

Then we did a whole bunch of different combinations of courses with all the jumps. I had some troubles when we did the oxer to the vertical, idk why but I did but was able to work through it. I kept getting deep spots- don't know what my issue was.

Henry jumped everything really well and was a rock star so I can't complain.

Saturday Henry has a trainer ride since hubby is working so I wasn't able to ride. I joked with my trainer that he was going to be awesome Saturday cause I put in some hard (but good) rides ... They jumped the same course as above, the jumps were just up 1 or 2 holes. He was great as I expected haha!

Going to the barn next to ours tonight to watch my bff run barrels :)

Henry will get turned out to graze tomorrow- rough life! lol


  1. Sounds like so much fun! It's so great when they're rock stars. :)

  2. that's right, R is at bassos. glad henry was a good boy!

    1. He totally was!

      Rach doesn't board at Basso's... there is just a race there tonight. :)

  3. Glad to hear Henrys been a good boy :-)

  4. Replies
    1. It was FREEZING and windy but she got second soooo it was worth it :)

  5. Sounds like he was great! Love those kinds of rides :-)

    1. Totally.. now they should all be like it lol!

  6. Glad you had good rides! We need them to remind us that these little friggers are worth it now and then, haha.

    I never get tired of seeing all your photos with the green grass.
    (Well, okay, I get a little jealous, haha.)

    1. Totally.. id love it if he would remind me of it daily lol! To bad its an animal and that won't happen :)

      Come visit CA :)

  7. Glad Henry was a rock star! He seems like he's being a really good boy lately.

    1. fingers crossed it stays this way lol!!!

  8. Yay for Henry rocking it!
    Also I love the horsey health warning at the top of your post! Where do you find those class snapshots?!


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