Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I wish there was a snow cone place in my town!

First off, make sure to check out Hillary's contest!

I had a lesson last night.

Got Henry, tacked him up, lunged (he bucked more then I think he has in the last 2 years combined that I have owned him), got on and got to the lesson. The ground was a little hard and crunchy in the big outdoor arena... he felt a little funny.

SOOOO I was glad when my trainer said to head to the indoor :)

I don't like jumping inside, but I don't like the hard funky ground more.

Inside he felt great and acted great... there were a lot of people inside and everyone was going different ways- but Henry was awesome, listening and just going with the flow!

At one point while jumping Erica and I met in the corner, thankfully we can both steer, sorry Erica!

This is my boy friend.. don't worry my hubby knows lol!

Cantered forever (it took everyone a bit to all get cantering so we just kept going while everyone else worked it out lol), did some lead changes and then some polls with Kat.

She did a little X and I tried to participate but was told to shoo lol.

Then I warmed up over a vertical a few times and then of course it had to get bigger. Henry was great, I need to remember to really keep him straight straight straight. My trainer is such a stickler on being straight... I watch videos, horse shows and see pictures where others aren't straight and see them winning but them I remember that I was to be the best I can be and I know she will hold me to that till the day I die haha!

One of the times I really berried up and Henry was AMAZING and with some leg and a cluck he jumped it, saint horse for sure!

Cooled out, untacked, hosed, iced, cleaned, headed home and grained him. Kisses too of course :)

Turn out today, idk Thursday (id like to ride but don't have anyone to watch B so hopefully a lunge), trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.


  1. Man, I know this is a strange thing to say but I wish my horse would buck on the lunge sometimes! He's never enthused. Glad you had a great lesson!

    1. I free lunge :) If I use a line, he's a gentleman 95% of the time haha!

  2. Lol I cracked up when our trainer told you to quit with the baby x or your jumps would get higher. Then R followed you on our resident fat pony which look hilarious.

    1. I know and then she made the jump bigger anyways so it's not like it helped for me to stop following you!

      It was fun to watch miss pony and R jump the middle sized vertical of the night!

      Then I was solo for the last rounds - L needs to come back so I'm not alone! :)

  3. Hilarious picture, saw that the other day on Facebook. Glad you had a good lesson!

  4. Replies
    1. Yes I hugged and thanked him lots! :)

  5. Sounds like good practice for the warm up ring. Gosh do I hate those. :)

    1. Thankfully (knock on wood that I don't jinx myself) Henry is really good in crowded rings... WAY better then when we are alone :)


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