Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Cleaning?!

Friday Henry had a trainer ride and he was awesome!

Saturday I had a lesson... It was a good lesson sans the fact that Henry broke the nose band on my bridle. He was really into throwing his head and I was really trying to not touch his face but while we were warming up, snap went the nose band... so I had to jump without it- happy happy joy joy, NOT!

So after hacking we jumped-warmed up over the little panel on the ground- broke the nose band... Then we did a gate panel, around to the line, around to a bounce (trot in jump one stride jump one stride jump). Henry was good when he wasn't throwing his head in the air like a drama queen- yes he's a drama queen b/c I was being really careful about not hanging on his face.

Henry and Tyler begging for treats

After the lesson Erica, Mona, Kat and I went on a little walk... Henry continued his drama with his head- aye dude chill out! He was also spooking a bunch.. maybe it just wasn't our day lol!

Hosed him off, iced, cleaned, grained and took him home :)

Saturday night I was on a cleaning spree... Cleaned padock boots, a couple pairs of reins, a martingale, cleaned and put my bit on a new bridle ...

Turn out today for the homeboy.. maybe that will reset his brain :)


  1. You rode your giraffe very well ;)

    1. Oh lordy that was not fun!!! I tried to retire- Ira wouldn't let me lol :)

  2. What a silly boy Henry! Though they do say the challenging ones have the most to offer.

  3. Henry was having a "princess" moment. Alex had those, I call them do-over days ;-)


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