Friday, July 19, 2013

20 things you wanted to know :)

HAPPY FRIDAY! Henry had a trainer ride today (Friday) and I got a video, picture and report that he was really good :)

Lesson tomorrow for me!

1. Whats your horses name and how did they come by it?
Henry (JC House of Fortuny) or All In for horse shows. He came with the name Henry and of course is JC name. I picked All In for a few reasons. It's a song by one of my fav bands Lifehouse. When we go into the ring I want us both to be in it 100% and giving our all.

2. What are your favorite breeches?
I love the way the TS trophy hunters fit :)

3. Tall boots or paddock boots and half chaps?
I have both but prefer tall boots 


4. What brand of tall boots do you have(if you wear them)? If you had an unlimited budget what would you get?
Right now I have Ariats, I'd love to get customs once day but breaking in another new pair of boots sound just horrible right now ha!

5. Favorite Helmet
I think that the Charles Owens look the best on my round face :)

6. Shows or no shows?
Shows, though they make me so nervous, but I still love to go to them!

7. Jumping or flat work?
Now that Henry and I have built up a good relationship, I enjoy jumping him more- as I think does he.

8. Hunters, Jumpers, Cross Country or Derby's?
Hunters for sure, though one day I would love to do a Derby!

9.  What other disciplines have you ridden?
I've done team penning, rated in roping (need to learn how to throw a rope), general western riding, ran flags, taken a few dressage lessons... I think that's it.

10. Dressed to the nine or whatever you can find when riding?
I like to have a nice turnout, sometimes I am not so good at this and sometimes the lack of money for the nicer things come in the way. If I can do it though, I like to look good :)

11. Where do you shop the most for you? Your horse?
I would have to say Smartpak for us both, but I also visit the local tack shop, Ebay and horse show venders as well.

12. When was the last time you rode and what did you do? Tuesdays lesson :)

13. What tack do you use every ride/day?
Martingale, square pad, thin line pad, half pad, saddle, girth, front and rear boots, bell boots and a bridle. I also always wear spurs and have a crop... not sure if that counts.

14. What are your horses color(s)?
I used to always claim(ed) hunter green but now I would say- hunter, navy and maroon.

15. How often do you clean your tack? 
I wipe everything down after I ride and clean (and condition) my saddle about once a week.

16. What kind of bit do you use?
Right now we are using a Mullen Mouth Tom Thumb Pelham and a twisted full check snaffle. We have used a VARIETY lol.

Awww Henry is so cute!

17. Mares or Geldings?
Well my heart horse is/was a mare but I am pretty sure I am partial to geldings.

18. What is something you want to improve on in your riding?
I wish I was more confident. I tend to air on the side of are you sure I am a good enough rider to do that- I don't think super highly of myself. I get told to "go do it" a lot haha! I have years on years of lesson- maybe one day it will click and I will believe more in myself. I know Henry is super talented so it's time I jump on the bandwagon with him :)

19. Favorite horse themed quote?
Riding: The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground.

20.What was your most recent equestrian purchase?
Breeches! I bought a pair of the Bradley Breeches by Smartpak... I've ridden in them a few times and liked them for schooling but not for show.


  1. Saw your pony today when I went out to feed Ramone and Pongo. He was stretchinggggggg in the cross ties, it was sooo cute. Then he was ripping like a wild man in the big round pen. I still cant get over all the energy our horses have!

    1. I love it when he does that... horsey yoga!!!

      Seriously I wish I had some of their energy!!!

  2. #18 - I'm the same way. It does slowly get better though I think.

    1. I think it will as my relationship/skills grown with Henry :)

  3. I always wish I could dress really nicely but like you said, budget gets in the way :( maybe one day! I'd love to be best dressed at the barn... hah. I try to dress nice for shows, though. And you're a terrific rider! I think confidence just takes time... lots and lots of time. You'll get there!

    1. I have a few polos that I got on sale and try to wear them when I can- tucked in to look nice with my breeches :)

  4. Wow. You take really good are of your tack, especially conditioning your saddle every week. I really should be more prudent about my stuff...

    1. I had the same thought, haha.

    2. Haha it's the Antares conditioner and it's AMAZING!

      And I am obsessed with clean stuff ... takes my like 5-10 min to just wipe is down. :)

  5. I wish I was better with my tack, usually when I was competing multiple times per month, it got better treatment, but now that I'm just working on training Alex, I'm terrible about cleaning my tack :-/

    1. Yeah it's easy to get out of the habit :) Quick wipe does wonders lol


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