Saturday, July 20, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

First off.. thanks to Kat at The Sixth Stride for my Vetrolin! It came in the mail today :) I am kinda addicted to this stuff so thanks so much girl!!!

I had a lesson today (Saturday).

Got Henry, tacked up, went down to lunge- he wasn't bucking or crazy just kinda ran around, very chill but it was like he needed to get it out haha... Hopped on and off to the lesson. It was a small lesson today, 3 others and myself.

Flatted around, I really worked on bending him and straight straight straight- no bulging, he's not bad at it per say but we are refining everything.

We moved onto jumping, I was the only one jumping... warmed up over an X- stopping shortly after jumping and side passing him off my left leg.

Then we did this vertical with a panel in front... so kinda like a psudo oxer?! Back and forth a few times.

I was instructed to keep my hands really low, not touching Henry's mouth/face at all when asking for the lead changes- so that is what we did, he did pretty well with his changes, more on that later...

Then we did a mini course... Rainbow oxer, around to vertical/panel thing, around to the panel/vertical in the line, lead change, trot roll back to the X (skipping the second jump in the line).

Then we worked on the last two jumps of the course- just to get the lead change better (it was on a straight away).

To end we did in in and out... vertical to oxer. First time through I didn't have enough pace and luckily Henry is awesome and fit so he carried us through. Then we did it two more times and got it great so we ended the jumping on that.

To end the lesson, we did some lead changes on the straight away... oh how I love this horse but hacking lead changes is just work ha! Got a few good ones each way and were done...

We went for a little walk with some others to cool out.

I bathed and cleaned man parts.

Cleaned tack while Henry wore his sweet ice boots (im icing after hard rides).

Grained and took him home- of course gave kisses!

Turn out tomorrow :)


  1. Sounds like an awesome lesson! And you're welcome girl, sorry it took a bit to get to you, it's been c-razy around here :-)

    1. It was!!

      Shoot girl you didn't take long at all!!

  2. Henry is such a hunk o' horse!
    Love the last picture, you can see all the work you've done with him!

    Congrats on winning goodies! :)

  3. Awww what a cute face, and such a gorgeous chestnut colour <3

    1. Thanks girl!! I think so too but I am bias :)


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