Thursday, August 29, 2013

Equine Aid Review

Kate with Lucy had a contest and though I didn't win, but Equine Aid contacted me and sent me some samples.

Now Henry is a good drinker, I have a trash can sized barrel in his stall with water and I keep that full- he also has an auto water but I like to make sure he has enough water all the time. We have had the water turned off at the barn for broken pipes or what have you and the small auto water isn't enough cushion in my opinion.

I planned to use the packets at the horse show Sunday but my bucket kept getting taken and used on other horses much to my disliking so I never was able to use it.

I did though get to use it this week and Henry seemed a little confused, as was I by the swamp like look of his water, at the beginning but it didn't detour him from drinking his water. He played with it a little but seems a-ok with the Equine Aid.

I saved one packet for the next show becuase off property is where I think it will be the most benificial.

I also ordered some to have in my show stuff :)

I'd defiantly recommend it!

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  1. We also have auto-waterers but I too keep large buckets in Cara's stall. Never want to mess with hydration!

  2. mantaray didn't want to drink at the show, then I realized the water was really hot. Cooler water = drinking baby.

  3. Sounds like a great product!

  4. Thanks for the review, Karley! For anyone interested, we are happy to send you a free sample. Email us at with your name and address and we'll send one to you!


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