Friday, August 9, 2013

Oh how I love Friday!

Happy Friday!!

I rode last night, I was a lone ranger at the barn and as much as I don't like riding alone, I did it.

Got Henry, tacked up and headed down to lunge. There was a horse hauling in the arena across the street so Henry showed off his sweet moves too.

Got on... went right to work. He was a bit heavy but a few stops and backing and it wasn't bad. His frame was better and he was forward, moving great and listening. We had one moment where the cat jumped down from above and tried to kill us but other then that he was solid.

We were both sweating by the end of the ride, again a good feeling :)

Cooled him out and walked a bunch, untacked, threw him him in a turn out so he could roll while I walked Louie around for Juliana... hosed Henry and put him in a stall to hangout while I cleaned...

As I was cleaning my tack, hubby and daughter showed up. They helped me get together Henry and Louie's grain while I finished cleaned tack, picking everything up and spraying Henry down with flyspray/tail mane stuff :)

We took Henry back, filled both horses waters, gave them grain and cleaned Henry's stall.

Day 4: Schooling Helmet

Hack tomorrow!


  1. I dunno about that first quote, some people's horses aren't even that likeable lol.

    1. True! I saw it on FB and thought it was funny... esp b/c i like the social part of the barn, i don't like being alone or not having friends to chat with!

  2. I agree, the social aspect of the barn is important, its why I have a hard time riding Fridays alone... Magics not even good company lol

  3. I looove having rides with friends at the barn. :) 99.9% of the time I'm riding with at least my mother, and it's super nice to have someone to talk to!! Plus Red is so much more fun to ride when he has company!! He loves racing therefor it's easier to get him to canter and gallop when other people are there. :)

  4. I know this is probably obvious, but your arena is gorgeous! So lofty, so clean!!!


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