Thursday, August 22, 2013


Tuesday: I had a lesson. Got to the barn, got Henry, groomed, tacked up and went to wait my turn for lunging.

Lunged and got on.

He was good in the lesson, we hacked around and did some haunches/shoulder in on one of the long sides and of course a few lovely lead changes.

Jumping we did:

1. Vertical
2. Oxer
3. Panel Vertical
4. Gate
5. Gate
6. Oxer with a Wall

Henry was good!

Cooled out, cleaned tack, got my stuff together for Wednesday and took home boy home/gave grain and kisses!


We trailered off site to go schooling at another facility.

I lunged Henry a bit, he was chill and then wild lol. Got on and he was a little looking but nothing to worry about. Hacked around, he was strong so lots of halting and backing to remind him I am boss.

Then we jumped. Everything was lines, so that was fun but also challenging.

There were basically two outside lines and two diagonal lines so my trainer made courses with those for us.

Everything was like 2'6 .. I didn't feel nervous or scared but I was having a tough time with pace, I feel like we are hauling but we aren't ... gotta practice that more at home.

We were both drenched is sweat by the time we were done but he was listening and didn't stop at anything. He was pretty much the same horse that he is at home which gives me more confidence for Sundays show.

Cooled him out and of course just as I was about to get off, he took off with head in the air and little buck- idk if something spooked him or a bee stung him but I thought for sure I was going to fall off (I was holding on to the buckle on the reins and had a water bottle and crop in my other hand).. somehow I managed to stay on and of course NO ONE SAW. Haha, oh well!

Headed home, unloaded, vetrolined Henry and put him away with his grain.

I love where Henry and I are right now, he's *fun* to ride, I feel competent- don't' get me wrong we still need polishing but I LOVE riding him.

He will get turned out today, idk tomorrow, lesson Saturday and show Sunday :)

Day 17: horse show, Henrys first show over a year ago :)

Day 18: feed, a day: 3 alfalfa, 1 oat, 1 grass, 4 quarts of grain, smart combo, electrolytes (when needed) and big off (when needed).


  1. Glad you stayed on and had a good schooling! It's so fun when you're in the zone!

  2. Didn't know you almost came off, yikes! Oh neat you got pictures.

    1. Yeah it was when you guys were behind the trailer taking off Ramones tack... totally caught me off guard.

  3. Yikes for almost falling off. I'm sad you guys didn't get any pics of l and Ramona too.

    1. Yeah glad I stayed on! I didn't take any pics, I was riding :) The kiddos that were there took the pics- there might be some of her on our trainers phone cause that is where one of the above came from :)

  4. Pace is so hard. I always feel like I'm FLYING. You and Henry are gonna be rock stars on Sunday :)

    1. Yes me too! I will get it, one day lol

  5. Good luck at the show! It sounds like you guys are more prepared then you're feeling.

  6. Good luck at the show! It's good that you love to ride him. That's the whole point! :)

  7. Have a great show on Sunday! You and Henry will rock it :)

  8. Congrats for staying on, isn't it amazing no one ever sees those moments!

  9. Cool pictures!! No one is ever around to see those moments when you want them there.


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