Thursday, August 1, 2013

Less then 14 hours...

Tuesday night was the usual suspects in the lesson.

Tacked Henry up, ran him around and got on. He was feeling pretty good, a little strong so lots of stopping and backing. We went through the paces on the flat.

Then we jumped...

Again I can't remember what exact course we did (Hillary I failed again lol)

These were the jumps we used for Tuesday and Wednesday's lessons

Cooled him out, chatted, ooooogled over Lyssette and Ramon's beautiful lead changed and headed back to barn to tend to my prince lol! :)

Wednesday morning I had another lesson at 8:30 am... yes less then 14 hours between lessons.

I gave Henry a quick lunge after tacking up b/c it was cooler out. He had a few crazies to get out and we were good.

He was actually really sensitive while I was riding him which was different but we rolled with it. Funny how he is such a macho man most of the time and then once in a while he is so sensitive over nothing.

After flatting the we warmed up a bit over the vertical wall on the top left of the picture... Kat did her think while I waited for my turn and of course the jumps to go up.

I did the gate, right turn to the square oxer, left turn around to the wall vertical on the top left, right turn to the swetish, trot to the X, right roll back to the wall vertical in the line.

The jumping was a little wack the first time through the course but I got my crap together and we finished strong.

Cooled out, gave a quick bath, iced, cleaned/oiled tack, took him home, grained and gave kisses.

I got a box in the mail today... woot!!!

Sorry it's sideways :)

Trainer ride Friday and hack Saturday.

Be sure to check out Hilary's contest!!!


  1. Ramone butt. I can't even remember where I put my keys, gotta work on that memory!

    1. Yeah my memory is bad bad bad now. Ramones bootie is photo bombing lol

  2. Holy cow, that's busy. I don't think my legs would have recovered in that short time period.

  3. Does Henry actually play with the soccer ball? I wish I had more toys for Walker

  4. I'm afraid to give Alex toys, because he's such a goof, he might fall in love with them and never be able to be without them :-)

    1. lol!! Henry is indifferent towards them :)

  5. I love getting fun things in the mail. :)


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