Saturday, August 10, 2013

I love Saturday

Day 5: ribbons

This morning I decided to go out to breakfast with my fam and then to the barn to ride after since trainer is still gone so no lesson was scheduled.

Got to the barn, got Henry, tacked up and hopped on- no lunging so he was a bit "up".

Got to hacking around, his trot was super springy so I used that to my advantage and did some forward marching trot. He felt AWESOME!

He was sure that the different colored dirt by the gate to going out of the arena was going to kill him, we addressed that and moved on with our ride.

I got some good work out of him and ended by going on a walk around the property with Mona and Erica.

Untacked, hosed off, cleaned tack while Henry ate his grain, put home boy back and headed home.

Day 6: Riding buddy- and my bff :)

I watched horse racing this afternoon... the Fourstar Dave Handicap in Saratoga... Wise Dan won, what a neat horse. His jockey is larger (128 lbs lol) and they kept talking about him having so much weight to carry and if he could do it, well he could! Love how he is just so powerful and how his jockey didn't even have to whip him, he loves his job and does it well!

Party tonight that hubby and I are excited to do to :)

Turn out tomorrow!


  1. haha, that pic of you and Rachel!

  2. I love Wise Dan (he is one classy racehorse) but kinda took a nap through his last race.

    1. Yeah he seems like a really cool horse! Classy is a perfect word! :)

  3. Love how you and your friends have matching outfits. :)


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