Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Horse Box- Review

I have been intrigued by A Horse Box's for some time... so I finally took to plunge and ordered a 6 month subscription of the Horse Box.

Each month receive 4-7 handpicked items- from the best grooming products to gourmet treats & more.

I was super excited to receive it and eagerly checked the mail every day- even B was excited to check the mail every day with me cause "mommy was waiting for something special."

It finally came!

Here is the break down...

I love everything, I love trying new things, I love this box!!

I can't wait for October and I would highly recommend this to any horse lover!! How fun to get a little box once a month and for it to have new horsey things in it!

The Tack Box (Everyday essentials for competing during show season.) is my new go to present for horse friends! You can check out Lyssttes recap on the one I got her.

Henry got turned out last night (Wednesday), hack today as long as the vet doesn't come do his teeth, teeth Friday (I hope) and lesson Saturday.


  1. That's fun! What is the bottom item?

  2. That's cool! I need to check it out.

  3. very cool, its like Shoedazzle for horse nuts :)

  4. I couldn't resist either and ended up ordering the mini horse box! It came with the pumpkin muffins (which Pony loved), the green shield (which I really liked as an alternative to swat) and also a small natural liniment and a small showsheen shampoo/conditioner. Horse box is such a great idea!

  5. I am super excited about all the things! You'll have to tell me about the ultrashield because I used a product that looked exactly like that once (the tack store pushed it onto me instead of the SWAT I wanted to buy and still wished I had).

    1. I will def let you know how I like it, I haven't used it yet but love the concept!!

  6. THEY HAVE THIS FOR PONIES?! EERRMMAAGGAAWWDDD! I'm so excited... I saw they have the Dog Box and wanted to get that... Would it be wrong to get both? My poor cat is totally unloved :(


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