Sunday, September 29, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Thursday my early birthday present was delivered so of course I had to ride.. Henry was high, it was hella windy and I felt like we were a hot mess. But I loved the way the new pad felt and was excited to use it!

 I basically just hacked around... stayed out of the way of the up down lessons and worked on forward but not too forward. Also lots of stopping and backing- one day this horse might not be so skinken heavy!

New Ride Light pad- she even put my name on it :)

Friday Henry had his teeth done... and after the meds wore off, he got a nice hour and a half turn out.

Saturday was the usual group lesson.

Henry was CRAZY in the round pen- he was all quiet to start and them BAM he ran around and I just stood there and let him do his thang...

Hopped on and joined the lesson.

We flatted, trainer even had us all counter canter- Henry did really really really well, I was super happy with him- we've only worked on that a few times.

Dare I also say that he was a tad lighter in the bridle after Friday.. we shall see if it's true or just coincidence.

We jumped. Warmed up over a little panel, then went over 3 X's that were one strides- tight so lots of whoa.

Panel off the right lead, left hand turn to a vertical with 3 ground polls in front of it, right turn to the 3 X's one strides.  Henry was good, we didn't do much grilling.

Took a little walk around the property with a few of the other ladies.

Un-tacked, vetrolined his body, washed his tail and scrubbed his legs.

We had a nice unexpected visit from Nicku.. she brought me my prize! I sure do miss her being at our barn and wish that she would move back! Maybe if I go bring Pongo back up to our barn, she will decide to stay?! :)

Let him dry and eat his grain while I cleaned tack and talked to everyone.

Clean pony!! (notice Lysstte and Ramone coming down the path in the back lol)

Turn out today, hack Monday, lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, hack Thursday, hopefully a trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.


  1. very cool that your name is on the pad! Hope you have a great birthday!

  2. Happy early birthday! The pad looks SO nice with your name on it!

    1. I love it!! Bday isn't till Oct 9th but I was happy to accept it early ;)

  3. Yay for new pads!! I have an obsession with them!

  4. Nice pad! Cool that your name is on it.

    1. Thanks! Yes it's a special customization :)

  5. I'm digging the new pad, might have to try our resident tack ho's to see if i like it, christmas isn't too far away :)

    1. It's expensive but works well for me! :)

  6. Hope you had a good birthday :)


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