Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oh Lead Changes...

Shoe's back on, woo hoo!

I had a lesson today...

Got Henry, tacked up, lunged and got on. I haven't been feeling right so I had to really put my head down and muster through.

My trainer had my really work on not touching the left rein, so that Henry didn't have anything to hand/lean on. He's way way way heavier on the left side then the right.

Then we worked on walking a straight line, moving his hip over but keeping his shoulder/head straight. Then we added in moving his hip over but counter bend with hit neck.. like an S shape.

All of this was in prep for working on lead changes. This is what the lesson ended up being all about. Let me just say, I am SO thankful that most if not all of the time Henry gets his leads OF haha!

Henry, channel your inner Brunello!!
So we had some moments of greatness and then some yeah, not so great.

Henry is a smart horse (these lead change whoas have nothing to do with him not knowing whats going on) and one day I hope he will decide that just doing the changes (left to right is easy, right to left hit or miss) is easier then these fights I mean lessons ;)

After I worked hard and got some progress, my trainer hopped on Henry to drive the point home a little more.

He was pissed through the process to say the least hahah! But its interesting that he doesn't hold a grudge, it's like he was over it the second you let go of the reins.

Hosed him off, did a vetrolin lineament sponge down to help him not be sore from the tag team ride, cleaned tack and took him down to his stall with his grain.. gave kisses of course!

Maybe a hack/turnout Friday and a lesson Saturday.


  1. wish I had got a video of that tail, he looked part cat! Hope you feel better!

    1. Yeah he didn't like either of us today hahaha! Thanks, I'm going to bed soon!

  2. Hope you feel better! Love the pic of Henry, he's so cute :)

  3. Haha for a minute I thought that was actually a pic of you two- I was like, WOAH WTF SO MUCH PROGRESS HOW DID THAT HAPPEN SO QUICKLY? Oh well, one day ;) Good luck working on lead changes... I am SO thankful wiz just magically had them installed at birth. I've never had a horse with clean changes, but I am confident Henry can figure it out! And remember, if I'm right I'm pretty sure horses run counter-clock-wise in the US- so he's use to starting on his left lead and changing to the right on the straight-aways, and only changing back to his left on the turns. Might be harder for him to get it left straight because of it? Just a thought, idk! :) I know I read something somewhere about OTTBs and lead changes that considered their lives and training as race horses, it was an interesting read.

    1. haha I wish that was us ;)

      It's a battle of the wills with the lead changes, left to right - no problem, right to left it's either a hot mess or he does it.

      Thankfully when we are on course, he gets them almost all the time!

  4. Changes are so hard. That is our biggest struggle and some days I just have to do simples and tell myself that it'll happen eventually. A lot of our problem is due to weak hocks though. You'll get them!

    1. Of all the issues we could have, I'll take schooling lead changes on the flat lol!

  5. Replies
    1. hahaha i know right!! it's only took 2 years!!!


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