Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello Tuesday, I wish you were Friday!

Day 30- Fav Pic
Hello Tuesday!

Got Henry, groomed- could tell he was feeling a bit sassy- lunged and hopped on.

Lyssette brought Hillary out to our lesson as she was in town, so we (including Kat) all hung out and chatted while we waited for our trainer.It was nice to meet a fellow blogger (other then the three that I ride with lol).

I started warming up a little and then our trainer came.

My body was hating me, I was on the 3rd lesson in 4 days so yeah I am hurting. I got yelled at a lot to life my chest/keep my shoulders back, I suck at this.

Cantering felt better then trotting on my body, I think our canter was ok since I got yelled at less.

Worked on frame, stopping and backing when he gets heavy, square corners, keeping me weight in my right stirrup (I like to put more weight in the left stirrup but somehow I am able to keep my upper body straight by just cocking my hips) and straight straight straight horse through lead changes!

We jumped... it felt really sucky. Henry doesn't care much for anything under 2'6 so I feel like it's a big fight between us.

We did...

Warmed up over the X Vertical (1)... back and forth. Then I did a course... 1, left lead to 2, right turn to 3, bending line to 1, left turn to 4. It all felt bad.. the only think that felt eh was the oxer and maybe the second gate (4). Trainer said it wasn't all bad but since he was in a rushing mood I needed to hold more- which gives deeper spots (which feels like crap to me).

I have been working on more pace to the larger jumps (well larger for us) so I need to remember he has to wait to the smaller stuff. Never thought I would rather jump bigger then smaller haha!

Cooled him out, hosed him off, grained Henry and Louie, filled waters and gave kisses!

Here's to a better lesson/ride next time :)

Hoping my trainer rides Henry sometimes this week... since the ws is gone and not available anymore. We have to work out a new schedule.

Off today, hopefully my trainer will ride him Th or Fri and lesson for me Sat.


  1. you're distance weren't nearly as bad as they felt, Henry just clearly wasn't excited, go figure he likes the big ones ;)

  2. Gotta have crap lessons to make the stellar ones stand out more. Next lesson will be better.

    1. Yes ma'am! They also help shape me as a rider :)

  3. I agree with Lauren, and I don't know about you but getting yelled at makes me ride better hahaha.

    1. I like being picked on but also get frustrated when I am sucking lol :)

  4. It was cool to meet you guys. I am glad I got to go out. My trip was super last minute and I didn't know what days I would even be in SF until right before I got there so it's awesome that I not only got to see L but also meet you and Kat. Very cool to get to see your alls barn. The outdoor is as big as it looks in pics- HUGE!

    Bet you and Henry could rock some jumpers! He seems like he could turn on a dime and really go with the more forward ride. As for the not liking the tighter distance I feel like I am just now starting to be more okay with that with Houston. It's a huge relief and makes things much smoother for us at times. Getting things smoother over the smaller stuff has really boosted my confidence with the bigger stuff. Adjustability is key :)

    And everyone has off days though I think you did fine! Sorry I didn't edit the videos- dont have my laptop with me.

    1. It was great meeting you too! You will have to come back again and stay longer so we can all go to dinner :)

      Yes that arena is crazy big!

      Oh shoot jumpers maybe one day... right now I'd like to concur the hunters :)

      I just got comfortable asking for more pace... I was the queen of slow lol! It's all making me a better rider and adjustable, it's good for me but oh so hard.

      Thanks so much for the videos.. they don't look as bad as it felt ha!

  5. Hillary and I still have not met - and I live in KY now!!!
    Someday :)

    Three lessons in four days? I don't know how you do it, but good for you! My body would say no way!

    1. You ladies def need to meet up! Maybe at KHP sometime :)

      Yeah my body was hurting by lesson 3, well actually is was mostly my back! I was more on my game last night after a day off!


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