Monday, December 7, 2015

George Morris 2015

So I had planned to ride this year but due to the crack in Henry's foot, I decided to bow out. He hasn't been off but I want that crack to heal 100% and not haunt us :)

So I headed up to the clinic early early Tuesday morning, I knew that there was going to be some traffic so I wanted to get going early to make sure I got there in lots of time.

Even had time to get my first Dutch Bros Coffee

Some points I particularly liked:
- "Leg Hand" ... I think he said it a million times
- Inside leg outside rein- he said he we to dependent on our inside rein... two things so basic but I need to remember to use every step of my rides
- Keep your hands up, don't rest them or hoover them over the horses neck
- Leg leg leg
- Classical dressage is key.. not the competition dressage we see today
- Having a well balanced, supple and fit horse is the most important... way back when they didn't have vets and they had to make sure their horses were fit and healthy
- Shoulder in, haunches in, shoulder out, haunches out- do it

This year he didn't allow any martingales- which was crazy but also cool to see everyone work without them.

Here is a set of pictures that show George the master of his craft ..

When he first got on

Getting more supple...

Right before he got off
Not to mention homeboy did this all without stirrups... oye!

George isms:
This isn't a petting zoo people, they have to deal with the horses issue! (in reference to dealing with horses stopping and being punished) (made me chuckle)
You need to stop eating and start working. (can't believe he said it but hey we all know he doesn't censer)

He's going to take some time off from clinics he said but will be back, hopefully I can ride with him when he comes back :)

I have more pictures on my nice camera that I will post once I get them off it... for now enjoy the cell phone shots lol.

I had a great two days at the clinic and learned lots.


  1. I love watching his sessions in Florida that USEF posts, such a master.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah a bit less stress then riding lol!

  3. Thank you again for all the video :)

  4. I enjoy his lack of censorship haha.

    1. Hey normally he is telling the truth... it's a dying group of people who want to work hard for something not have it handed to them :)

  5. I bet our hubs wish we lived back in the day with no vets...and no VET BILLS! LOL! Great recap

  6. The stop eating and ride more cracked me up.

    1. She asked for it tho b/c she was a little snarky with him lol... and she was a good rider!

  7. sounds like an awesome clinic to audit!

    1. Oh yeah def is!! It was my third time auditing him :)

  8. I'd love to audit one of his clinics one day. The more you guys post the more I feel like I should move out there ahaha.

  9. Replies
    1. lol yes! That is why I am so apprehensive about riding with him b/c i would be so nervous!

  10. That must have been really interesting to watch!

  11. Dutch is delicious! looks like a blast


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