Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hustle and Bustle at the Barn

Friday I knew rain was coming so I opted to turn Henry out for a few hours to get some sun and so he could munch on the ity bitty bits of grass that were out there.

Saturday I headed up to the barn once hubby woke up and took over kiddo duty... got there and realized I left me bridle, girth and martingale at home.

So our ride looked like this...


Henry got Sunday off :)

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I hacked. Everyone is out of school so it was hustling and bustling every time.

Henry has been great for our hacks, we haven't done anything special since there have been so many people in the arena... just hacks, lead changes, shoulder/haunches in/out, lots of bending, turn on the forhand and haunches.

In his temp stall while his wall gets fixed

 He must have gotten cast sometime between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning because one of the walls in his stall was way pushed out (like the wood wall was moved inches), there were lots of scratches on that wall and holes in his blanket... thankfully he seemed no affected!



  1. I hate when I forget stuff at home. Glad he's ok.

  2. I keep forgetting my helmet or half chaps at annoying. Glad your boy is okay after casting himself! :)

  3. That is one thing about having the horses at home! However, looking at him on the lunge- he looks great. Have a good Christmas

    1. Right! I could just run inside and get what I needed lol

      Thanks he's pro at lunging, now. He was a turd when I first got him b/c they don't lunge on the track lol... but now he is awesome!

  4. Glad he's OK after being cast! My friend's stallion got cast at a show where I was a couple months ago. He almost castrated himself with his blanket.

    If only they could tell us how they managed to get stuck on walls. :)

    1. Yikes!! He has gotten cast before and gotten out of it b/c i've found evidence the next morning... wish he wouldn't do that lol!!

  5. I have clean polos and pads at my house that have been forgotten numerous times


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