Thursday, December 17, 2015

Radio Silence

Woops, didn't mean to fall off blogger land after the GM recap, sorry! We took a little family vaca to Disneyland so I was off living real life lol :)

Henry got worked Friday and Saturday before we left...

Sunday through Wednesday Henry had some time off.

Trainer lunged him one day so that he was able to stretch his legs.

Thursday I hacked with Kat... I drug her out earlier then she would have liked but we had fun!

I thought Henry was going to be wild but he was actually pretty well behaved for having so many days off - well except thinking the green roll tops were Henry eating monsters lol.

My secret santa present went out and I can't wait to see if the recipient likes it! I ordered it last week so hopefully they get it soon! And I hope the note gets included so they know it was me! lol


  1. Does Henry have a soccer ball toy in his stall? :)

  2. Welcome back! hope you had a good vacation!


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