Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's hard being Henry

It's hard being Henry- Maybe he ate too much turkey :)
Friday morning Erica and I hacked together.. it was fun! It was super cold so I warmed Henry up a ton before going to work... 40 in the barn is not cool!

Saturday was a turn out day.

Sunday I snuck up to the barn during nap time... well Addi napped, hubby and B watched a movie :)

E and M were cleaning up when I arrived. I got Henry out, tacked up and decided to let him blow off some steam in the bull pen b/c he was a extra wide eyed. I think he enjoys a little time to be crazy and then I have his whole brain on me when it's time to work.

Two other western riders ended up joining me about half way through my ride.

Henry was great, we did lots of long and low stretchy trot... followed my collection and then ended with more long an low at the canter, showin those western ladies that my pony can do it like theirs lol!!

As I cooled out I chatted with them and E about bits and how any bit can be bad in the wrong hands.

Monday I had planned to do one last hack in before headed to audit George Morris and cheer L and Ramon on.

I took all my tack home, sans my saddle to clean b/c it was so cold to do at the barn... well I forgot it all boo! So I ended up lunging him a bit... it was freaking cold!!

I put his blanket back on and then we hand grazed a little, so spoiled!

Off to George Morris Tuesday!! I have my good camera ready to take lots of pics! And I am sure my Insta will be loaded with pics too ;)


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