Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catch Up

Tuesday Henry had a trainer ride and I got to go watch. He was good and this was the first ride that they rode him in the segunda bit... Juliana made the same comment as I did, he's still heavy but not horrible. I still like the pelham best :)

Anywho they jumped him and he was good.. even did a few random jumps that aren't our norms (the other trainers) and he didn't even bat an eye- my trainer gave him cuddos.

Tonight I am going to hack and Juliana is going to also get on him.. we are going to do a course since thats what we will be doing at the show and we've got to practice some :)

Hack tomorrow, trainer ride Saturday along with show prep and the show Sunday. I am not thinking about the show so that I don't stress out haha!

Oh and our ride schedule is all funky.. I am not liking it but I am backed into a little corner with some schedules.

Sunday hack/lunge, Monday Hack, Tuesday trainer ride, off Wednesday, Thursday lesson, Friday hack/lunge, Saturday lesson/trainer ride.


  1. Glad Henry had a good ride! Hopefully you will get the schedule worked out. I know that it can be hard. I have a hard time working with just one persons schedule :)

  2. Yay for Henry being a good baby!!!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Yeah other peeps schedules are hard to work with especially since I work, am a mom, wife, have life to deal with and ride haha!


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