Sunday, June 17, 2012

New stuff

I forgot to mention that some things arrived on Friday :)

I ordered a new name plate for my brown belt with Henry's show name (All In) on it and that arrived...

Also hubby bought me a bracelet that I had circled in the Smartpak catalog quite a while ago, I think it was back when I had Maddy- but he got the name plate engraved with Henry's name on it :)

Here is a link to the bracelet

Lesson tomorrow night, hack Tuesday, trainer ride Wednesday, lesson Thursday and hack/clean/pack Friday... SHOW Saturday! :)


  1. Oooh new stuff! Always exciting :)

    1. Especially suprise things and cheap things!!

  2. i want one!! lol i hate smart pak :( not delivering to canada *pouts*

  3. Love new stuff! Show name = awesome! It's funny how much pressure I felt coming up with a show name - I imagine that's sort of what it's like when you have to name a kid. Although, it's probably easier to change the show name if you decide later you don't like it... :)


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