Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday + Pics

Tuesday I had a lesson. I tacked, lunged and got on. He was still a little up so I started working him before everyone was there... thought I'd get a little walk time before the actual lesson started but nope- my legs got a good workout :)

We hacked, he was good- soft and good frame. Worked on some counter bend at the canter. Trotted polls- pretty much hit them all every time, he wasn't getting the right rhythm ha! Jumped with polls leading up to the jump- he went better cantering them then trotting.

The polls that we hit every step ha!

Focus ha!

Wednesday I hacked. My trainer was around and had me work on a few things... Henry was in a BAD mood haha! We fought, fought and fought some more. We worked on lead changes- he was strong, dropping his shoulder and running... it was awesome. He is so strong and even though I am doing my best to set him up, be quiet and balance him he is stronger then me and he knows it. Trainer assured me that the new bit that is coming will help. She said I did ok and I said I need lots of work- ha!

My back and arms were and are sore from our fight.

Crazy thing is that Henry wasn't even tired at the end of our ride. Aye!

Trainer ride today, hopefully a hack tomorrow and the weekend off because of the rodeo :)

*Thanks Kat and Andy for the pics :)


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