Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24th

Worked Henry today.. he was sluggish witch is A-Ok :) Then groomed and loved on him. I also vacuumed him, a first. He didn't care about the vacuum but the hose was scary I guess ha!

There is a local little schooling show next Sunday, I am contemplating going. It would be good for Henry but adding up all the fees, trailering and the classes (they are a but on the expensive side i think)- I am not sure it's worth the money. We shall see :)

Going to try and get off work a little early tomorrow so I can ride, I worked longer days on Thursday and Friday so as long as I don't get caught up in something I should be able to make it happen.


  1. Not to force your decision in one way or the other but the prices are on par with what other schooling shows charge, especially since the ring and jumps are pretty good at this show not to mention they hire good judges. Of course post entry is whats always expensive more than anything else.

    1. Yeah I am going to talk to Irene about it tomorrow and decide :)

  2. Lazy is always better then crazy! I've always wanted to use the vacuum on a horse, but have never had the chance before. I wonder if Libby would be okay with it...


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