Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A little of this and that

Sunday Henry got the day off- just turn out. Hubby went for a run while Henry and Louie were out munching on grass and found this:

I insisted he kill it- yuck! I get all freaked out just looking at the picture. I don't do snakes and REALLY don't do rattle snakes!

Monday my trainer hacked Henry. I watched a little of it and it was good to see her ride him and I also love it that shes able to feel/see what im working with :) She said that no matter what I have to keep lots of leg on him and eventually he will get better about his frame. She was also going to track down some bits to try.

Tonight is our lesson- got moved from Thursday, tomorrow I will hack, Thursday will be a trainer ride, Friday I will do my best to get out and hack (rodeo flag practice at 1 or 2 pm so we will see how motivated I am), Saturday and Sunday Rodeo so Henry gets two days off :)

I had to share this- pretty awesome mom haha:

This mother is amazing


  1. Ha I love that text! It cracked my mom up too.

    Glad Henry is doing well! :)

    1. just had to clarify- that wasn't my mom.. I found it on pintrest :)

    2. I assumed as much. Its funny regardless!


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