Friday, June 8, 2012

Thursday + Friday =

The weekend!

Thursday Henry got a trainer ride. I didn't really see much of it but they said he was still a bit hard headed from my ride Wednesday ha!

Friday I took half a sick day so that I could go to the rodeo flag practice. I snuck up and rode Henry before the practice... he was ok- better then Wednesday. We used the new bit. It felt good but one ride won't show all its colors. Worked on holding the frame all the time- even when we change pace (up or down) or something catches his eye.

I also did my last 2 point time- 8 min. I thought I was going to die. My goal was to double my start time, 3.5 min... so I am proud I was able to do that and a bit more.

Rodeo tomorrow and Sunday- doing flags for grand entry :)

One more picture from Tuesday for your viewing pleasure... over jump much?!


  1. Glad he was a bit better and you were able to sneak in a ride. Thats always nice.

    What is the new bit you are trying? Happy Friday!

    1. its a mikmar... really not a bad bit just reminds him not to pull on me- or thats the hope :)

    2. Gotcha. They have some interesting combinations. Hope it works for you guys!

    3. Yeah SO many crazy bits!!! :)


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