Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Double Day

Poor Henry.. He had a trainer ride this morning and a lesson with me tonight. I didn't know that they were going to ride him this morning ... I wouldn't have ridden him for so long and hard last night! Oh well... They said he was good this morning and they they jumped him bigger the they have in the past. Woo Hoo go Henry!

Lesson tonight was pretty good. I didn't have to lunge since he was ridden this morning... MAN WAS HE A SLUG! Lots of leg leg leg for me tonight. (side not my right ankle has been popping and going numb- so weird and hard to ride with)

We flatted... I really working on lifting my hands and bending me elbows a lot, oh and also keeping them soft- even when Henry is strong.

Warmed up over and X with the other two riders and then moved onto a course... verticle to oxer X thing to a verticle to an little oxer.

My eye was off  tonight .. I was so distracted by my numb right foot. I couldn't see a distance to save my life and when I did Henry was not playing along- he was tired.

Andy was there taking pictures so maybe if I am lucky he got a good angle that will make it look like I was semi competent LOL!

Off tomorrow, hack Thursday, lesson Friday, lesson Saturday.


  1. Numb ankle doesn't sound like much fun. Hope it feels better after a day off!

    1. yeah i don't know what is going on.. my ankle has been popping and my ankle/foot going numb ha! My trainer said I probably am heavier on that foot then the other- gotta get balanced!

  2. Hope your foot/ankle feels better.

  3. pics are coming ;) sorry about the ankle, I know its really uncomfortable, my knee does it. I guess just try to stretch more and put more weight on left? Its so funny how we can be crooked and not even know it because our bodies will compensate so readily.

    1. i think my left stirrup is longer so I am compensating soooo hopefully I will get it figured out! :)

      Woot woot pics!


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