Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Spring- er Fall cleaning

I added to my wish list page today.. this was brought about because last night I decided to clean out some breeches. I have 2 pairs of schooling breeches that I don't use, ever. They are in great shape so I offered them at a very discounted price to a friend.

I moved over two pairs of my "show" breeches to schooling, so now I have 4.5 pairs of schooling. I say .5 cause one pair is on it's way out.

That leaves me with 3 pairs of show breeches and none of those I love...

This Friday is pay day and I have set aside some money to get a pair of new show breeches and clippers.. WOO HOO!

Any advice on breeches? I don't like low rise to show but I don't like the classic hecka high ones either. Id like higher end breeches as well... help!


  1. I love myself some TS! They even have a Mid-Rise! I love my Tsportsmans. It depends on what you are wanting to spend though if I had more flexible spending I think I would buy a pair of the Pikeurs. They are sharp!

  2. You already know my pref, but they don't workout that great for you considering what happened the last time. I HATED RJ Classics, I felt they were too tight on that knee, but you may like them and I believe that happy trails has some so you can try them on, before turning around and getting some brand new ones :)

    That being said my second choice breech would be the Ariat Pro Circuits.

  3. Hmmm...well, I'm a big fan of TS but you may also like Grand Prix. I'm not a fan of RJs more from a construction standpoint than anything else. Good luck and happy shopping! :)

  4. Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Mid-rise are the perfect height for me. Just make sure you get them snug in the waist because after a ride or two they stretch and you will need a belt otherwise.

  5. I do like TS and Ariat the best but post baby the traditional/Pro ones don't fit right. I will have to try the Mid-rise.

    Thanks everyone! :)


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