Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weight Lifter?!

Hi, my name is Henry and I am heavy. I like to hang on my moms hands causing them to be numb and for the skin on her pinkies to get rubbed off. I plan to make her a weight lifter, maybe even bench all 1200 lbs of me...

But seriously our whole ride was trot, halt, back up, trot, halt, backup, trot, canter, halt, backup, walk, halt, back up, trot, canter, halt, back up... you get the point.

He doesn't like to go with contact. If I just give him a lose rein he is better but we can't go around life w/o contact...

Lesson tomorrow and I hope to get some help cause right now I hate the segunda bit, it does NOTHING.

Even though he tried to pull my arms out of the sockets, I still game him his goods- I am a sucker...
Lesson Friday, lesson Saturday, off Sunday.


  1. Henry, lay off Momma's hands!

    If reinbacks are not helping, I would say quit them for now. He may be moving with his shoulders down which is not going to help him lift off your hands. All those transitions should make some kind of improvement, unless his tack or something else is preventing him from lifting his shoulders.

    I am not familiar with the segunda bit, but if he "feels determined to be heavy", the bit may be encouraging him to keep his head tucked down, which puts him on the forehand and makes it impossible for him to lighten the contact. I saw that it has a strong port, which hits the horse in the palate if he comes up. Looks like the tongue pressure could also be a problem, giving him no where to go.

    Found this:

    As a dressage rider, I say pick up a french link snaffle and school some shoulder-in and walk to canter and then see how he is. You can always bit up for fences.

    1. Thanks for the advice... my trainer gets to make the calls on what I do when haha! But I appreciate it :)

  2. Oh the thought processes of a baby horse...

  3. I hope you have a good lesson today!

  4. Gosh, story of my life with my old horse. Yay for gloves is all I can say! Good luck with today's lesson!


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