Sunday, August 5, 2012

Surprise... there is a horse show!

So Saturday I got a sitter so I could partake in the lesson since my trainer is going to be gone for a little over a week. Now I had heard talk of a Welsh pony show that would be happening sometime... surprise it was this weekend. So my big plans for jumping and building on what we did Friday were shot. Oh well it was a low key "fun" lesson... my best friend and her mom came to ride with us which was fun.

We flatted and then worked on turn on the haunches and forhand. Henry did pretty well for this only being our 2nd or 3rd time doing it.

After our lesson I cleaned him up, grained him and cleaned his stall (since the show was going on, the BO had the guys running around doing a million other things- not their job :) ).

Being that we are in August, I decided that I need to clean up all my winter blankets and get them ready for use. So hubby, Bay and I went to the local laundry mat (there aren't any signs saying no blanket washing) and put them in to get a good cleaning, went for a walk, put them in to dry, walked again, got dinner and headed home.

Henry - mom had all of your fancy expensive duds cleaned and they're ready for winter :)

He had today off... Monday hack, Tuesday hack, Wednesday off, Thursday hack, Friday hack or off and Saturday hack.

*Kat and Andy came to our lesson so I am hoping that some pictures come my way soon :)*


  1. Lol, forgot about the pics ;) Not a ton since bad bad lighting, maybe we can come out again if you are gonna hack again this week

    1. yeah come!!!

      Shoot even the "bad" pics i like!!! lol

  2. Do you have your blankets waterproofed? Or are you just talking about stable blankets? I always thought you werent supposed to put turnouts in the washer.

    Glad Henry was good! :)

  3. I love the new photo on top!

    And I did the same thing with my blankets - my intentions were to sneak them into the laundromat, but the attendant actually came out to my car and helped me load them! I still take all of Archie's stuff there every two weeks and, so far, haven't been kicked out. :)


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