Friday, August 31, 2012

Good - ish- lesson

Flatting sucked.. still heavy and numb hands. Oh and it was like 58 deg outside, um hello it's not winter yet. All the horses were a bit high, nothing out of the norm for Henry and really he wasn't bad.

Any who flatted inside and the headed down below to jump. Started over an X back and forth. Then moved onto an X to the vertical/wall. Lastly we did a little course.. X to yellow/black oxer to vertical/wall to X to rainbow oxer. Had a few "oh crap" moments but had some fences that felt really good too :)

Lesson Saturday, off Sunday, lesson Monday, lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, hack Thursday and then show Fri-Sun.


  1. It's starting to cool off a lot here too! The movie I'm working on is a Christmas film and we joked that someone ordered winter for the film.

    You've got a busy week coming up. Hope it goes well!

  2. I don't think it's any cooker here :/ I would welcome it!

  3. yeah it was weird how it was cool!

  4. Same as Hillary, I WISH it was cooler here! Nothing like a balmy 99 degrees :-/


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