Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Monday and Video

Hubby took a few videos... i don't feel like this highlighted our best work during the ride as he took them at the beginning- but you get the point.

Henry was defiantly fighting me tonight and looking at everything... awesome ;)

Canter to the right

Canter to the left

Canter to the right - 2

Sitting trot change of direction/bending

Feeling vulnerable posting these BUT this is good for me, I have so much more strength to gain and growing to do.. but man Henry and I have come leaps and bounds from day one :)


  1. I like Bayley's contrbution to the video, the soundtrack! :)

  2. Nice! I love how upright Henry is. I always feel like Houston looks like a freighter dragging me into the ground! Balanced! You guys look great!

    1. Yeah!!! Fianlly no dragging here- done a lot of work to fix that haha!!! :)

      Thanks :)


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