Friday, August 10, 2012


I have to remind myself of this...Tuesday he was a pill and last night he was a pill. It was hot so I planned to just work on trotting... NOT. Henry wouldn't even trot straight, in a light frame or without spooking at the shows/dust. And mind you I wasn't asking for a crazy frame- I was asking that his head not stick straight up in the air.. I had soft contact and wanted him to just plug around.

So our nice easy ride turned into transitions- w, t, c, t, c, halt, w, c, t, halt, t, w, c ... you get the point. FINALLY after lots of wearing him down and I mean LOTS he gave in. Once I got a couple good transitions both ways (ie no head in the air) in each gate I quit.

HARD WORK I tell ya!

Prob lunge today as hubby and I are going out to a fancy dinner for our anniversary. Hack tomorrow.


  1. Those kinds of rides are the worst! :(

  2. Horses to me are like days at work, whenever you approach thinking "let this be an easy day" you get slammed. Glad Henry finally submitted, he can be a stubborn boy for sure.

  3. "I Love You, But I don't have to like you right now." LOL

  4. Stephanie- totally!

    Kat- stubborn and convinced he's supposed to just be a pet!

    L- TOTALLY! :) I hope I love him today haha!

  5. He loves you too! He doesn't really mean to try your patience....

    Happy anniversary!

  6. I know exactly what you mean!

    And Happy Anniversary!!

  7. Happy anni! And I know how that feels. I was just getting in my groove when silly green boy freaked out and I fell off. I wasn't mad at him but I wanted to say REALLY?!

    Hope you had a great ride today!


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