Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday 8-11-12

Henry was better today... few my horse is back!

Typically we have a lesson on Saturday but my trainer is still gone soooo a few of us met at the barn and rode. Everyone else was on and pretty much done before I got down to the big arena.

I hacked around and did my thing... the jumps are all in piles, outside the arena and in weird places so the first few times around the arena Henry and I had a few talks - yes you are going forward and by that horse eating box or stump, no the standards won't eat you alive, yes the liver pool isn't normally in a ball.

Anywho over all he was awesome!

I cooled out with LOTS of walking with Juliana and Louie. Lou kept trying to lay down so we headed back up to the barn, Juliana let him roll and he laid there not wanting to get up so we ended up calling our vet cause Sherrie (the lady who is in charge while my trainer is gone) thought he might have a but of gas colic. Luckily he is feeling better so hopes that hes ok tomorrow :) It was actually good timing for it all to happen, I had just gotten Henry and he wasn't laying down then and we were all there to help out.

Not sure what the next two days hold for me... I am going to ride either Sunday or Monday and the other day he will get off. Tuesday lesson (hopefully my trainer is back), Wednesday trainer ride, Thursday trainer ride, Friday hopefully one of my extra lessons (from this last week), Saturday I don't know- Sean works so yeah.

Promise to take some awesome cell pics for the next post cause there are far to many words here!!!


  1. Poor Louie :-( Glad to hear that Henry was so good!

  2. yeah it was scary for sure! His mom says he's doing good and I checked on him when i got to the barn and when I left today and he was looking good :)


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