Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All about me... and Henry

Lyssette did one of these yesterday so I thought I'd do one too :) Feel free to steal it!

1. How long have you been riding?
Since I was 8, so 21 years, though i did take a 2 year break, so 19 years- sheesh im old!

2. Do you own a horse?

3. What discipline do you ride?
Hunters baby!

4. Jeans or breeches?
Breeches for sure! Tho I do want a pair of custom full chaps so Jeans would be ok if I got those.

5. Have you ever leased a horse?
Yep, in college

6. Do you take riding lessons?
You bet

7. What is your horses typical diet for the day?
2 flakes of Alfalfa, 2 flakes of Grass, 1 flake of Oat, 5-6 quarts of Strategy, electrolytes and SmartCombo

8. Are you subscribed to any horse related magazines?
Practical Horseman

9. Tall boots, paddock boots, cowboy boots, or wellies?
Tall boots

10. What is your favorite color of horse?
Gray but I seem to always end up with Chestnuts!

11. Describe your horse.
Henry, 16.2 hands, OTTB, 7 years old, we do Hunters- maybe Eq one day when I get my stuff together.

12. Can you remember the first time you fell off?

Yes, we were standing still and the horse spooked at the tree cutters and flew right out from under me.

13. Do you board it or keep your horse at home?
Board, one day we hope to own property

14. Have you ever competed?

15. What do you compete in?

Hunters, last year we went up to 2'6 OF and this year probably will do the 2'6- 2'9 stuff, I hope :)

Last night we our weekly Tuesday night lesson. Henry's nose looked ok so I tacked up, lunged (he was NUTS) and as I was getting on was told to go back inside (we were outside) because the wind was C R A Z Y.

Henry was good, still high or spicy as I was calling it.

We went through the paces, adding in some shoulder in, sitting trot, 2 point at the trot and canter, counter bending etc.

Then we jumped a single fence. I warmed up over the baby vertical and then was told to wait ... so I waited. Of course she jacked it up. At first it looked big but after jumping it once I realized it was maybe 2'6 ... nothing bad. I like that I don't freak out anymore- ah good feeling for sure!

Anywho I am good at seeing my distances off the left lead but not the right, idk what my issue is... ugh!

Henry was good, I was ok.

I think he is a little sore cause he was landing on his left lead and then swapping right away to the right so I plan to take it easy on him this week...

Cleaned him up, iced his legs, cleaned my tack, put on his PJ's and took him home.

Turned out today, hack tomorrow, idk Friday and lesson Saturday :)


  1. I didn't do this one yesterday.

    1. Yeah this one is different then that one you did :)

  2. I am going to steal this... ;-)

  3. I think it is fairly normal to be better at things such as seeing distances, in this case, from one side than the other. You know we drive on the opposite side of the road over here and I have such a harder time with judging where the front, left end of my car is compared to the right front when I'm driving on the other side. (Hopefully you can follow that!!)

    1. Yeah you are so right.. why can't i be good at both ways!!! UGH lol

  4. I wish I had the motivation to do early morning anything, including early morning rides. Unfortunately, I'd be much more content doing late night rides. I'm not a morning person!

    1. haha yeah I don't mind either, just need my horse time!

  5. Fun post! I'm glad Henry is feeling better.

  6. I love his pajamas! and I love when the fences start looking small! A year and a half ago I was terrified of jumping 2'6" (I use to jump 3'3" regularly but I had a bad fall and it just rattled me..!) and then I finally got comfortable at 2'6" but everything else looked big! Now I'm jumping 3' again without batting an eye :) It's such a great feeling! I know you two are going to work your way right up too, he's a gorgeous jumper

  7. Going to have to steal this in the future...


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