Sunday, May 12, 2013

I neeeeeeed sleep!

I'm back!!!!

Lets see Wednesday Henry had off.

Thursday he had a trainer ride and they said he was really good. I even got a video of him doing a grid... 3'6" airy verticals. Good boy Henry!

Friday he was supposed to get turned out and I guess they rode him.. not complaining. He was spookier they said but jumped well.

Saturday I took a lesson. Lets see I think Henry was mad that I left, because he was a jerk walking up to the barn, he was a NUT at the ticking of the hot fence- it seriously set him OFF! We worked through that and then headed in to groom and tack up.

I lunged him in the big round pen below- crazy home boy got to it out.

Got on and hacked around. We all got there and then the lesson started. There were a bunch of us so we rode around.

Onto jumping... trainer set up ground polls to a baby X, um they were really close to each other and Henry and I couldn't get it down to save our lives, he started going over 2 at a time lol!!!

Then we jumped...

There were more jumping in the arena but these are what we jumped.

Went down the outside line- left lead, roll back to the single (the one on the angle on the far right bottom of the pic) right lead, around the the one stride (vertical to oxer). Did that a few times and then did the one stride a few more time to get it perfect.

Henry was really good, more forward then normal but workable :)

Today Henry is getting turned out... clear his mind and hopefully he is ready for a great week!


  1. Welcome back! I want to see video of him doing 3'6" verticals :)

  2. I agree, I want to see the video. :)

  3. I second that, where's the video?!

  4. Yay Henry - I would also like to see these pictures??


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