Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hug a Little Tigher

Friday was a rough day.

I went out to the barn after work and decided to hangout with Henry while he grazed... I brought a chair, soda and magazine.

Henry wanted to help me read, sit in my chair and drink my soda. Please don't mine his dirty dirty face!! I groomed him a TON after he was out.

He finally decided to leave my side... a little.

Then he left me alone so I decided to read :)

We went up to the barn to groom and stuff and he was a NUT walking there so I lunged him a little. He decided to buck, cutting in towards me (totally not normal for him) and somehow slices the lunge line. Yeah I def owe my trainer a lunge line...

Finished lunging him...

Groomed, loved on him, threw him hay and put on his sheet.

Saturday I went up and hacked with some of the ladies.

Got Henry, lunges and hopped on. He was sassy and fussy but we worked through it.

Walked a bit to get him warmed up, trotted and cantered. Nothing special, I was just getting him out to stretch.

Kat took a pic while we were hanging out :)

Kat, Mona and I went for a walk outside while Erica worked Blue a little more.

When we got back, I bathed Henry... LOVE a clean horse!!!

Then I let him eat grain and hangout in a stall (in a cooler) while I cleaned my tack and conditioned it :)

I beautified his tail, gave him more kisses and took him to his stall.

I got Henry a new addition to his fly outfit :) We shall see if they are still on him tomorrow haha!

Probably turn out tomorrow.

Love his horse...


  1. Wow. He managed to break a lead line? That's impressive.

    1. I meant lunge line. My brain's not all there yet this morning.

    2. Yeah.. I was like really?! That would happen to me! lol

  2. If I were Henry I'd want to hang out, read your magazine, and drink your soda too. :)

  3. He's so stinkin' cute. I love the blanket..My horse wouldn't mind having a blanket or fly mask, but the other horses would chew it up! :P

    1. Luckily Henry is in his own stall :) I love dressing him lol!

  4. Some of the best times are just hanging out with our horse and feeling grateful.

  5. That sounds like a great way to end a rough work week: bonding time with your lovely Henry.

  6. Replies
    1. He has a fly mask too but his neighbor likes to remove it :)

  7. Sounds like he knew you might need a little together time on Friday :(

  8. Always live and love them in the moment.

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