Friday, May 31, 2013

Chicken Sapparod

I am having Thai for lunch so Chicken Sapparod is on my mind :)

Thursday I snuck in a quick ride...

Bahaha what a gentleman!
I groomed, jumped on and hacked him around the indoor. There was a beginner lesson going on so we did lots of changes of directions, figure 8's, circles and moving around. I just basically went through the paces- WTC and then finished with some turn on the forhand... he was AWESOME for that, woot!

Cooled him out a bunch, quick hose and vetrolyn, iced his leg and let him eat grain while I cleaned tack.

my home made ice boot :)
Put him away and headed out.

Friday was a trainer ride.

This is what they jumped.. the main course was gate off the left lead, roll back to the rainbow oxer to the domino box, left lead to the 5 stride, left lead around the rainbow oxer to a trot to the blue and white, right lead to the wall in the line, right lead around to the 1 stride...

Henry was strong today so that was something that they worked on but he jumped great!

Hope he is a doll for me tomorrow in our lesson! :D

Last but not least...

Video from Tuesday's lesson :) Thanks Kat and Andy!


  1. He looks great in the video - so rhythmic and even. Love how toned his neck looks!

  2. Thats exactly how I ice Pongo! Works like a charm! Glad H has been so so good!

  3. Replies
    1. Haha yes he is seriously one solid piece of muscle! Fit Fit Fit! Double edged sward! :)

  4. He looks great! He's got the best neck!!

  5. Henry is looking like a BEAST!! A very handsome one!

    1. Thanks!! I am super proud of him!

  6. lol, I love your home made ice boot... good idea. Henry is SO cute trotting over those poles!


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