Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Henry!

Henry had other plans then to be a nice quiet horse on his birthday.

It was raining when I got to the barn so I unloaded my stuff and headed down to get him.

Booted up Louie and turned him out, grabbed Henry and we jogged back to the barn- working on our in hand work? Haha!

Groomed and tacked up while talk to my trainer, she was on her way out.

Lunged as homeboy had a glimmer in his eye and the rain had stopped. Chases him and made him run to get out his crazy.

Got on and started to walk around the arena and he BLEW UP at the open end... trainer was still there so she talked me threw his antics. He was a nut... running sideways, flying backwards, spinning around... it was awesome, NOT! Temper tantrum/spooooook/seeing things that aren't there at its finest... he's never done this before but thankfully with my trainers guidance I was able to work through it.

I ended up working in that corner a lot making little circles, big circles, roll backs coming at the corner in all different ways.

Lots of cantering in the above and using the whole arena.

My plan went out the window but I feel like we had a good workout :)

Cooled him out, hosed his saddle area, groomed, grained, loved on and took him home.

The sassy birthday boy post ride

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that we have used a million bits. Henry is finally growing up and we are now using the a pelham. I really like the way he goes in it :)

Henry is features on She Moves to Texas today. If you don't read Laurens blog you should, it's one of my fav's!

Lesson tonight and then we are heading to Sac for the rest of the week! Henry will get Wednesday off, trainer ride Thursday, turned out Friday and I will take a lesson Saturday.


  1. Happy birthday Henry! He's almost exactly one month younger than Jetta :)

  2. Happy birthday, Henry! Connor was a rat on his birthday last year, what is it about birthdays?

  3. Happy Bday Henry!! Glad you worked through the crazy spell! Maybe these CA horses just can't handle the "rain." ;-)

  4. Happy Birthday for Henry, and maybe glad I wasn't there, Magic would have been a complimentary nut, lol. ^ Love the Cali horses can't handle rain... kinda true lol

  5. Happy Birthday to Henry!
    Glad you could work through all his silliness.

  6. Happy Birthday Henry! Didn't know I was featuring him around his Bday :)

  7. Happy birthday Henry! He must have been just excited that it was his birthday

  8. Big Happy Birthday from the Great White North!

  9. Happy Birthday Henry! Everybody needs a sassy day once in a while!

  10. Happy birthday to your boy! They always seem to find a way to make things more entertaining for themselves, don't they?

  11. Thanks for all the sweet Birthday Wishes for Henry!


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