Sunday, May 5, 2013

Holy Moly

I am soooooo behind. I am trying to catch up on blogs but sheesh I am in too deep. I am sorry if I miss some posts. I will get back in the swing of things next week.

This week is going to be crazy but awesome at the same time, hubby graduates from his 27 week training Friday!!!

Back to Henry...

Thursday I had a lesson. I was inside with more beginner lesson folk, it was awesome haha! Almost had a run in with one and I called out over and over where I was going but it didn't matter, good thing Henry has good brakes now! :)

This was our set up.. meaning lead changes, keeping a steady rhythm/seeing every distance and having to be prepared at all times (bc of the small indoor and other riders).

I felt like it was a great lesson, we did it probably a million times but thats ok cause practice make perfect right? We were really spot on with each other and I was seeing almost all my distances.

Cleaned him up, grained and kissed him.

Friday he was off.

Saturday was lesson day. All I can say is that it was SO WINDY... like blow you off your horse and you can't hear the trainer windy. I maybe could hear a tid bit as i went by her but most of the lesson I was just guessing what I needed to do lol! Henry was pretty well behaved, we were both just trying to stay together :)

Since he didn't get a trainer ride Friday, J got on and jumped him around this course:

My trainer set up a new course down in the big arena. I planned to get on after J and jump him some but he was being so good that my trainer said that we should end there. I was totally ok with it cause I love it when Henry is being good!

I hosed him off, cleaned his boy parts, cleaned his tail, cleaned all my tack, grained him and cleaned/filled him water (I have an extra barrel with water in it for him cause his automatic water always smells).

Munchin away

Clean pony= happy mom
Off Sunday, hack Monday, lesson Tuesday... them im out of town Wed-Fri and have asked for the following- Off Wednesday, something Thursday, turn out Friday and lesson for me Saturday.


  1. It happens to all of us. Glad you had a nice lesson!

    1. One day life will slow down right? :)

  2. Love the matching look :-) Congrats to your hubby on finishing his program!!!! It was crazy windy Saturday. Dare I say that I am cold now that it is 70!

    1. I know he just needs the fly boots now :)

      Yes it had been a LONG 27 weeks of him being gone so we are happy to have him home!!

      Come over to Livermore, it's nice out- warm but not hot :) And yes the wind at the barn was NUTS!!! It wasn't that bad at home!

  3. I want Simon's body condition to be as good as Henry's one day - he looks great!!!!

    1. Aw thanks! He eats a lot and works hard hahaha!


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