Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Had a lesson last night, ended up being private as I was early.

Got Henry, groomed, headed down to lunge in the BIG round arena so he could get his crazy out.

Got on and headed to the big arena... hacked around and my trainer said things here and there.

The jumps all looked big which made my nerves kick into full affect! Trainer put like 2 down a hole and said to get with it- big girl pants Karley!

There were a few  more jumps in the arena but these are the ones we used.

We jumped around everything and then spent time on the bending line- 5 stride to 3 stride and vice versa. I had to really let go of control and let him carry his pace to make the distances... they were set for 3'6" and we weren't jumping that high.. but Henry has a big stride and can do it, I just have to get with it :)

He was good, we worked hard and then cooled out.

Erica (on Blue), Kat on Magic and Lyssette on Frosty came down as I was ending and so I watched them for a min while I cooled out.

Headed back up to the barn, got off, untacked and hosed him off, loves on him, beautified him, took him home, gave him his grain and filled his water.

He redeemed himself from his antics Monday night... thank goodness!

We are out of town so he will get Wednesday off, Thursday a trainer ride, Friday turned out and lesson for me Saturday.


  1. It's fun having a big strided horse but I'm having the problem of keeping him rated between jumps. Fun lesson.

  2. I was like Whoa when we came down and saw you jumping. Big girl panties for sure. :)

  3. Glad you had a good leasson... enjoy your vacation!! I'm sure you're pretty excited to take off with your full-present family. :)


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