Monday, November 4, 2013

Blog Hoppity Hoppity Hop and 2 Point Final Time

Bucket List Time! Blog Hop from The Little Bay Princess :)

I want to hear about your equestrian bucket list! I think we all have things, whether they be on paper or in our head, that we would love to do someday. Pick three that are horse related, and tell me a little about them.

 1. I want to compete in a derby! Even if it's just a small one... and I want to wear a shadbelly for it and have lots of awesome pictures taken- oh and ride really well :)

2. Show at the A level and be competitive, not look like a fool and maybe even do well? :)

3. Custom saddle! 

My goal for the 2 pointing was 12 min... I almost met that goal. I am pretty proud of the time I go though so no complaining here...

Hack tonight, lesson tomorrow, idk Wed and Thur, trainer ride Fri and lesson Saturday.


  1. Nice job on the two point! I also am obsessed with derbies.

  2. that's a great two-point time! And I'm also in love with a jumper rider who has a little hunter princess buried deep down, the derby is irresistible!

  3. Way to go girl, and yes I love the derby as well!

  4. Great job with the 2 point!

    Derbies are one of the one reasons I would still want to compete in the hunters. Someday!

  5. Awesome 2 point time!

    A custom saddle is also on my bucket list... someday!

    1. Thanks! Yes one day I will get one.. gotta keep the dream alive! :)


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