Sunday, November 3, 2013

MacLay Land

I'm stuck in Maclay world today... It's so fun to watch all of these amazing young riders!! Congrats to Lillie for winning!

Friday Henry had a trainer ride and I was told he was good.. he also had the Chiropractor out and that went well :)

Saturday was our morning lesson. Got Henry, tacked him up and got on. Since he was ridden Thur and Fri I didn't feel the need to lunge and I was right. He was great to ride.

Felt like he had some more bounce to his step, just what we need ha! But over all he felt great!

We even schooled some lead changes and over all they were better :)

We jumped...

6 stride, left turn to the gate, left turn to the 2 stride, tight left turn to the 1 stride, left turn to the hogs back, left around the gate to the rainbow, right to the 2 stride...

I was having a hard time going from the 2 stride to a trot and into the 1 stride.. we got it thought and Henry is such a good sport and horse!!!

Went for a little walk with Erica and Kat and then back to the barn to untack and clean up.

Post ride, waiting for the hose :)

Got Henry all cleaned up, put on a cooler and gave him his grain to let him dry and eat while I cleaned tack and chatted.

Henry got today off with some turn out :)


  1. Glad it sounds like the chiropractic was helpful. I am thinking about having Alex worked on and it helps to hear others' experiences :-)

    1. Yeah Henry is spoiled and gets him out often ha!

  2. I love having the chiropractor out, always makes such a difference:)

    1. Yes! I should get myself checked as often as I get me horse done! lol

  3. Sounds like you channeled your inner MacLay rider for the lesson :)

    1. hahaha if only! Those kids are killer riders and some AMAZING horses!


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