Thursday, November 7, 2013

SmartPak Saddle Pad Review

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I have a saddle pad addiction... periodically I go through and clean out my collection- either throwing old ones away or passing them onto others... of course that means I need to replace those ;)

I'm always looking for a good quality pad, square pad I should say. Another day we will talk about the "other" pads I have.

I had purchased a USG Saddle Pad and love it but it's hard to spend $60+ on multiple "regular" pads.

I looking into the Smartpak pads, loved them!

I have the following with monograms:

They have held up to washing and lots of wear.
Very reasonably priced!
Thick and well made.
The have great classic colors.

I recommend these for sure! Go buy some! :)


  1. I was actually thinking about buying one of those pads with a monogram...I'm really happy you made this post, hahaha!!!

  2. I love smartpak stuff! Haven't tried these yet, but will have to add them to my wish list!

  3. I find those simple pads to be the easiest to wash. Smart Pak has great stuff.

  4. $60 for a saddle pad that is JUST a saddle pad, that's stupid. $20 more gets you a BoT :) or yes, buy something cheaper that is also just a saddle pad lol

  5. I love that green pad! Maybe I can use that color when I get a horse. :) Collecting saddle pads...its an equestrian thing. :)

    1. Its a great color! I got my monogram in white so it pops :)

  6. Love SmartPak pads. I have several and will be giving one away in the future as a prize on mah blog ;)

  7. They are thin enough to cram in the washing machine without too much hair flying in the face!

  8. I think I now love SmartPak everything.

  9. I am in need (or want!) of new saddle pads. I just might have to get this one :)

  10. I buy these ones too! They've held up to multiple washings and are the perfect size for my CC saddle - I often find that a lot of A/P saddle pads look huge compared to my saddle but these are the perfect size :)

  11. I am the worst at buying saddle pads - mine are all ratty and I threw them into the pile at the barn so I could borrow other people's ratty saddle pads. I'm bad. Time to step up my game, though, I made myself promise that I won't place an order to anywhere without buying a new pad! I will definitely check these out, thanks for the review!


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